Southern House Of Pleasure Doors Closed For Good

 I know that many may be a bit confused as to why I chose to write a blog on this topic.  However, since it was highlighted in the local media, I have heard numerous comments either in favor of or against it.  The contentious topic is the permanent closure of “The Villa de Capri” simply called “Villa Capri” or just “Villa”.

It has been reported that the business closed its doors to the public after the death of the proprietor a few weeks ago.  This resulted in his wife taking control and making the decision that the long standing institution will be no more.

When word hit the streets about the closure, many could not believe that it was the truth.  Some of you (very few) maybe asking now, what was the business of “Villa Capri”?  Well, Villa Capri was a house of pleasure, probably the most prominent establishment in Trinidad & Tobago where Pleasure Dolls, otherwise known to wider public as Prostitutes were employed.  On any given night or even day, there was no shortage of clients.  This happens despite the fact that the general business conducted is illegal in this country.  A visit inside the vistabella, San Fernando compound will immediately arouse any pleasure seeking male because of the assortment of “dolls” which he is greeted with.

While the general view is that such an institution breeds immorality, there is another view that there is a need for the services provided.  Many taxi drivers from Point Fortin and Point Lisas are now saying that they have lost business because of the closure.  “George”, a Point Fortin Taxi Driver said he had a good “hustle” whenever ships came in at Atlantic LNG.  Upon arrival, crew members would immediately seek transport to “Villa” and back.  For this run he could easily earn $200 USD or $1,200 TTD for his transport service which usually lasts less than four (4) hours.  Different ships arrive at the LNG port daily.

Establishments like Villa Capri have for eons been providing service to seamen, business executives, loners and other individuals who for some reason or the other find solace by their visits. Some argue that it is a much needed service for men who are not in touch with female companions, while others take the view that it’s the way to go when wives become bitchy without reason.  Pleasure dolls provide relief without strings attached.  This may be the most contentious issue however, Seechan, who is a regular and is married, said that those who are talking must understand that men has serious pleasure needs and sometime the brick wall implemented by some wives are the sole reason for participation.

 For years Villa has been conducting its illegal trade without much interference.  In recent times there have been regular police raids on the compound resulting in the deportation of female workers from Caribbean and Latin American countries.  Speculation was that since the owner became sick, “pay-off” to the authorities was not happening resulting in the raids.

There is also a suspected link between the importation of female workers from South America and the illicit drug trade.  A particular recent murder investigation has led police to believe that the trading of Pleasure Dolls was the main contributing factor.

In Trinidad, pleasure houses are not widespread and this makes the few that exist very popular.  With the exception of Villa Capri in the south, there are only two others which are well-known having the varied assortment similar to Villa.  One is located in Central and the other in North Trinidad.  Of course there are the more upscale social entities but this article takes into account those available for regulars. A few months ago I remember speaking to a male flight attendant onboard a trip from the USA to Trinidad who asked me how to get a taxi to Villa or the other place in Central. The impact of those institutions is international.

Another similar element available in Trinidad is “Street Dolls” operating mostly in Port of Spain.  On any given night if you should stop for five minutes at the playground at the corner of Robert and Murray Streets in Woodbrook, you would notice at least five “pick-ups”.  Business there is very hectic especially on weekends.

The demise of “Villa” has left many patrons wondering “where next”? Some say that there is no need to look far since in close proximity there is a long standing rival who has been playing second fiddle and is now ready to step up their game?  The challenge is, can they do it?

The Villa de Capri was comprised of four (4) buildings with over one hundred (100) rooms occupying almost an entire block in an upscale San Fernando neighborhood.  It was registered as a Hotel however the maximum length of stay for most guests did not exceed one (1) hour.